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Moments before my first ever book signing event, my IPhone died.  Or at least it appeared dead.  Cold, black display mocking me. Frantic screen tapping proved futile. Nothing. I tried turning it off.  No response. I needed an Idefibrulator.  No time now. I would deal with it later.

Fast forward to home after wildly successful book signing.  Had prayed for at least ten guests, ended up speaking to an audience of over 30 – many thanks to Stacey, http://www.staceygustafson.com, Julie, http://www.jkroyce.com and Tracy, http://www.momaical.com, the other authors who shepherded friends and family to the event.

But I digress.

Home now, still riding the adrenaline rush from the book signing.  Tried the phone again. Still no response. Continue reading


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