How it feels to work at Google and Facebook

How it feels to work at Google and Facebook

Working at top companies like Google and Facebook, is like a dream come true for some computer engineers, as well as software designers. First the free launch that both companies give to staffs is encouraging, it makes an individual want to put more effort to his work. Then the free transportation shuttles are always available for workers, so that, taking money from your pocket for transportation isn’t going to happen. All these treats that these organisations give to their workers, makes it difficult for people to be employed because, the competition will surely be high. However, some workers who work in Google aren’t really concerned about the free transportation or food. What makes Google a great place to work at is the fact that, you will be surrounded by smart, motivated people who are focused and have passion for their jobs.

Both companies are big, with thousands

Both companies are big, with thousands of people working together, it’s easy to think that your work isn’t meaningful to such company, but it is. When working for Facebook, you will get freedom to associate with fellow staffs, this freedom gives people happiness, and Facebook trusts their employees. You won’t get any credit or applauds for your title, what is important is the quality of the work, seriousness to doing business, power of conviction, ability to influence customers, etc.

How it feels to work at Google and Facebook

These companies pay staffs well as it’s a key factor in job satisfaction, with a higher salary, staffs will be happier. It’s true, the University of British Columbia and Michigan State University researched on this, as people with higher salaries felt less sad, compared to others with lower income. An average worker working for Facebook, makes about 135 000 US dollars monthly, while Google pays 133 000 US dollars to employees.

Generous gifts are always given to staff, especially if a person is a parent with children, gifts like food, transportation services that takes you to work, and brings you back home, just to mention but a few. The offices are vibrant, with friendly co-workers who are always there to assist you. Facebook is one of the first companies worldwide to offer coverage for its workers of up to 20, 000 US dollars, for egg-freezing, employees in this company are happy, they love the fact that they can enjoy parenthood on their terms. Google gives maternity leave policies, as well as paternity leave policies, with a rating that’s almost perfectly scored, giving the tech company’s maternity and paternity leave policies a higher rating in reviews from different websites. What more can you ask from both companies? Salaries are fat, they are paid when due, lots of support, lots of free stuff, friendly co-workers, and more. That’s why working for Google or Facebook is a dream job for many jobseekers.

Those employees that work for these organisations have already achieved in life, it’s a stay-job, most individuals won’t want to quit their jobs for other jobs. Also Google’s staffs are friendly, it’s like a family where everyone are friends, so there’s peace, cooperation, happiness and joy.

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